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India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2021 : Analysis – UPSC GS3

ISFR 2021 : Analysis Forest Cover:  ISFR 2021 recorded a total forest cover of 21.71% of the country’s geographical area. While ISFR 2001 recorded the total forest cover as 19.5% of the geographical area. In the last 20 years, India’s forest cover has increased by 38,251sq km. But, during this period, dense forests have reduced by 10,140 sq km, and open forests have increased by 48,391 …

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Human induced evolution of species – UPSC GS3

Example of Human induced evolution: Tuskless Elephants: In Mozambique, past hunting pressure has led to an increase of naturally tuskless elephants. According to researchers, decades of poaching have made tusklessness relatively advantageous from an evolutionary standpoint in Gorongosa. This has resulted in the proliferation of tuskless females with mutations in two tooth genes. Decrease in …

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Man-Wildlife Conflict – UPSC GS3

Man wildlife conflict is the negative impact of man’s activities on the habitat and resources of the wild animals due to growing human populations overlap with wildlife territory. UNEP and WWF report: India will be most-affected by human-wildlife conflict because it has the world’s second-largest human population as well as large populations of tigers, Asian elephants, one-horned rhinos, …

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