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Indian Classical Dances – UPSC GS1

The Indian classical dances have two basic aspects: Tandava (movement and rhythm) and Lasya (grace, bhava and rasa). The three main components of them are: Natya: the dramatic element of the dance i.e. the imitation of characters. Nritta: the dance movements in their basic form. Nritya: expressional component i.e. mudras or gestures. The nine rasas are: Love Heroism Pathos Humour Anger Fear Disgust Wonder …

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Kathakali Dance – UPSC GS1

Kathakali dance Dazzling classical dance of Kerala is Kathakali. ‘Katha’= Story or tale, ‘Kali’= Performance and Art. Its roots are in ancient ‘Kutiyattam’ (Classical Sanskrit Dance Drama) and ‘Krishnattam’ (Dance-Drama depicting Stories of Hindu God Krishna). Movements in Kathakali are influenced by ancient martial arts and athletic tradition. It is basically a Dance-Drama. Kathakali was traditionally a male-dominated dance …

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