Answer writing

Do you want to clear this exam? If yes, you need to be good at answer writing. There is no other way around. Whether you are a natural writer or not, whether you are experienced or amateur, if you are preparing for this exam seriously, you should practice writing answers and get your answer reviewed by experts or successful candidates.

Answer writing in UPSC is a science . It’s a science because:

  • There are categories of question (you know the answer, you can take a guess, you have zero idea)
  • There are fixed ways to answer (Intro-Body-Conclusion, Hit bulls eye, Beat around the Bush etc)
  • 180 minutes and 20/25 questions

You need to identify the category in which the question falls, choose a way to answer it and analyse how much time you can give to it. Once you make yourself familiar with this science, you just need to increase your knowledge so that you know answers to most of the questions. (Read more in Science of answer writing in civil service mains).

IAS4Sure helps you understand this science. We will minutely analyse your each answer and give a detailed feedback to you. We will analyse your progress and will help you understand the areas where you should focus.

We are able to do it because:

  • We have created a platform where you can practice writing, get it reviewed and read others responses
  • We post questions daily on important issues and review your answers within fixed time
  • We allow limited number of students to be a part of this initiative as it is not possible to give meaningful feedback to all of you
  • We have paneled with successful candidates in recent years who provide most realistic insight in ways of writing good answers

If this looks interesting to you then you should enroll right away here. We understand the financial issues an aspirant faces and thus you can enroll for one month at Rs 1500 only and renew it every month if you see value in it.

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