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    Plz activate my account..i just subscribed

  • Popeye

    Please update DAILY NOTES for 9-14 October 2016.Would be waiting for your updates.Thanks a lot Team IAS4Sure…

  • popeye

    Thanks alot Team IAS4Sure….Please keep it going..Your site help me a lot in making notes easier.

  • Vijay Karthik

    Thanks sir for giving such good and invaluable notes to us.

  • akshay

    sir why have you stopped posting essay notes and quotations…they were really helpful..please start them again weekly

  • Yogita Pathak

    I reffred ur notes on Gov schemes, Sciencetech and Environment…..they helped me alot in revising.I congrutulate u guys u hav done a brilliant work…..notes were specific and concise.Great work.Thank u so much

  • Firdous Siddiqui

    Hi, IAS4Sure, Ihad referred to your various notes like international group, sci&tech, Environment and government schemes, they were of immense help during preliminary examination, 2016. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work

    • @firdous_siddiqui:disqus Thanks. We are glad we could be of some help. However, we started covering Prelims related notes late and hence could not provide a complete solution. We would try to do our best for mains and next year’s prelims.

      • Firdous Siddiqui

        Looking forward to it.

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  • AJ

    U shud subscribe only when “you want automatic update of all changes and don’t want to keep track of changes here” …unable to understand this part dear team

    • In onenote, you can get automatic updates. You don’t have to visit website to keep track of whats happening. Onenote will tell you whats new. Any notes efficacy will increase 10 times if you are able to revise them quickly. Onenote enable you to do that. You can search for terms and read that topic etc. etc. There are lots of things. You can watch this video to understand

  • Akshit

    How do you cover the Prelims part. I didn’t see any section for Prelims. Also is your app on iOS

  • Nicolèttë

    woooowwww……Great work guyz !!!
    visited here 1st time…..lovin it.:)

  • sleepless

    I have subscribe by paying the money. How to download notes on my mobile now. please help

    • You need to download onenote app on your phone. After that you can open our notes inside that. Let us know if you have any issue. Best of Luck!!

  • neutron

    Sir, I have paid Rs 1500 to subscribe your notes just now. When my account will be activated?

    • @disqus_IAJwHijg33:disqus thanks for subscribing … it will be done within 24 hours.. best of luck!

      • neutron

        got it sir .. thanku

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      1500 Rs for one year or till our selection??