Prelims 2017 (Updated on 05 April 2017)

All Government Schemes in single PDF along with practice MCQs here

Environment Revision Notes – Single PDF here 

S&T Notes – Single PDF here

Institutions – Single PDF here

Mains 2016

Value Added Material 2.0 (Included Summary) here

Kill The Committees here

Essay Notes here

Value Added Material Summary here


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  • Jeeva

    Bro, when is 2017 material coming?? Please post bro :)

  • Yaswanth Reddy

    Thxs for u r work

  • manikandan

    I am really thankful for your notes for prelims 2017……..

  • Sohail

    I am really thankful for your notes for current affairs… keep doing well for bright future.

  • nachiket hanchate

    all ministries of central govt. all departments under them and all schemes/programs/missions by them


    sir 2017 prelims specific compilation like national parks, tiger reserves,international org,committes,economy specific etc …………. pls upload as soon as possible sir

  • Ajay Jaiswal

    When will prelims 2017 materials come?

    • Abc Xyz

      Same here…waiting

      • ias4sure

        Will release by 10th April

  • Moni

    Sir I am very much eager to subscribe but want in pdf format…not comfortable with notebook..!

    • @disqus_tws60gSpqH:disqus You can print the material from Onenote or Evernote also.

      • Moni

        But Sir i have tried earlier but one can do print one topic/page at one time will b too time consuming..!! I need collective material at one go…i will pay as your charges will be…!Thank You Sir..

        • Ajay Jaiswal

          When the notes are updated daily how can you use it offline mode

    • Sandeep Sharma

      Hi Moni, can you provide compiled notes of all GS papers .at ever note id
      thanks in advance..

  • purushottam


  • kkavad

    Is there any way by which all GS4 notes can be accessed at one place?
    like common PDF for all issues?

    • @kkavad you can access all notes here

      • savyasachimishra

        Hello sir can you please make a compilation of all the amendments and Important supreme court cases and verdict , if possible sector wise (at least ten important areas of concern). Thank you so much.

      • Sandeep Sharma

        Sir, can you provide compiled notes of all GS papers .. it will be benefited us most… at evernote id
        thanks in advance..

  • Ishwar

    can anyone tel me how to down all the materials of GS I , II, III & IV.

    • Jeelani Tantray

      @Ishwar, bhai can i get your email id? i have to ask soething?? THANK YOU!!