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  1. Found an error in Environment Revision Notes Prelims 2018:

    Paris Agreement – mentioned in the notes that the agreement is not in force

    But it has already entered into force since Nov 2016

  2. Sir, will you upload Economic Survey 2 summary? I am eagerly waiting for it as the first one was really good. Thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot for uploading 2018 imp pdfs, they are really useful.
    I am RBI grade B aspirant and I found Govt scheme with mcq pdf, eco survey , Institutions and essay are beneficial for RBI aspirants too.
    Thanks to the team for accumulating all info. and creating such great pdfs.

  4. I was lost in the whirlwind of information online and literally bogged down by making notes like a machine…this have come as a saviour..thank you team!!!wonderful efforts

  5. In your environment module under UNCED(earth summit) you have mentioned 3 legally binding agreements(cbd, unfccc, unccd) but under unfccc you mentioned that it is not legally binding but can set legally binding limits… Please clear sir

    1. UNFCCC was not legally binding itself. An agreement under it could become legally binding if it was agreed upon by certain number of countries. Kyoto Protocol was such an agreement which was agreed upon by most of the countries and thus Kyoto Protocol has defined limits which was discussed in UNFCCC.

      So, in nutshell, UNFCCC itself was not legally binding, its outcome, Kyoto Protocol was.

      Hope its clear now.

      Best of Luck.

  6. Thanks indeed very much for the wonderful compilation. A bit curious if any plan to update it till May end or something?

  7. Our study material is very good for revion
    Please upload the economic sevy & budget in our format also

  8. sir 2017 prelims specific compilation like national parks, tiger reserves,international org,committes,economy specific etc …………. pls upload as soon as possible sir

      1. But Sir i have tried earlier but one can do print one topic/page at one time perhaps..it will b too time consuming..!! I need collective material at one go…i will pay as your charges will be…!Thank You Sir..

      1. Hello sir can you please make a compilation of all the amendments and Important supreme court cases and verdict , if possible sector wise (at least ten important areas of concern). Thank you so much.

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