Zika virus Disease is mosquito-borne virus transmitted by Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which also transmit three other vector-borne diseases Chikungunya, dengue and yellow fever. The virus belongs to family Flaviviridae and Genus Flavivirus. It was first identified in 1947 in Zika Forest, Uganda from where it derives its name. Now it is emerging disease currently being reported by 86 …

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Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne virus that causes a disease. It is transmitted by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Its symptoms are characterised by abrupt fever and severe joint pain, often in hands and feet, and may include headache, muscle pain, joint swelling or rash.   There is no specific antiviral drug treatment for chikungunya. …

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Mental health

Mental Retardation: Mental retardation is a developmental disability that first appears in children under the age of 18. It includes below-average intellectual function and lack of skills necessary for daily living. Some of the behavioural traits are aggression, dependency, self-injury, stubbornness etc. Facts: Often abandoned by families. Different levels, some need help in even doing …

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