Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon (SAAW)

Developed by DRDO SAAW is long-range lightweight high precision-guided anti-airfield weapon. SAAW is an indigenously designed and developed 120 kilogram class smart weapon.¬† It is designed for deep penetration with high degree of precision and is armed with high-explosive warhead, which is usually very difficult to achieve¬†operationally with simple gravity bombs. It is a light …

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Agni V

It is an intercontinental ballistic missile It is three-stage solid propellant nuclear-capable missile It is a surface-to-surface missile Developed by DRDO Range : 5500-5800km Engine : 3 stage solid fuel Capable of carrying nuclear warheads of over one tonne It carries Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV) payloads. A single MIRV equipped missile that can …

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Agni I

Short range Nuclear capable Surface-to-surface Ballistic It is first missile of the Agni series launched in 1983. Developed by DRDO + DRDL (Defence Research Development Laboratory) + BDL (Bharat Dynamics Limited, Hyderabad) It weighs 12 tonnes and is 15-metre-long. It is designed to carry a payload of more than one tonne. It is single stage …

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