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Kangla Fort

Kangla Fort is one of the most important historic and archaeological site of Manipur located in the heart of the capital city Imphal. It had served as tradition seat of past Meetei rulers of Manipur till 1891. The old Govindajee Temple is the largest Hindu, Vaishnav temple in Imphal city in Manipur. It is located …

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Kailasa temple

  The construction of the temple began during the rule of the Rashtrakuta king, Dantidurga (735-757 AD). Major work on the temple was done by King Dantidurga’s successor, Krishna I (757-773 AD), although work continued under many successive kings for more than a century. It is located in Ellora, Maharashtra.   Facts There are 34 …

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Kumbh Mela

KumbhMela is held every four times every 12 years at four different locations across central and northern India. It  is the largest religious congregation and largest peaceful gathering on planet. This vast celebration attracts tens of millions of Hindu pilgrims, including mendicant nagas. The first written evidence of the Kumbha Mela is mentioned in Bhagvat …

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