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Complete Package for Civil Service Preparation by self study :

* IAS4Sure Notes
* The MCQ Factory (TMF)
* Prelims Guidance Program 2021
* Prelims Test Series 2021

These notes are updated almost daily, so you have to keep track of changes from “Daily Notes” link above.

You can choose to subscribe for IAS4Sure notes if :

  1. You want to access notes in your mobile so that you can revise when you are travelling, or waiting for teacher in class, or stuck in remote village with relatives or while you are in office. Yes, they do work in offline mode!!
  2. You want faster access and enable search inside them so that you don’t waste time looking for relevant notes. Just type in the word and related notes will popup.
  3. You want automatic update of all changes and don’t want to keep track of changes here.

For details, see video in the bottom.

You can access our notes here. Happy reading!

GS 1 Notes for UPSC Mains

GS 2 Notes for UPSC Mains

GS 3 Notes for UPSC Mains

GS 4 Notes for UPSC Mains

Essay Notes for UPSC Mains

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