You have to pay one time fees to access our notes in OneNote/Evernote Desktop and Mobile. Never heard of OneNote/Evernote, Don’t worry, we will help you set it up and teach you how to use it. It provides several benefits. You can see it in video here

Fees for 2017:

Our older subscribers, who want to move from 2016 plan to 2017 plan can do so by paying Rs. 1200 only.

Please provide us your ONENOTE / EVERNOTE id after payment. If any doubt, ping us at number given below.

Note: These notes would be READ ONLY. You will not be able to edit these notes. However, you can copy them or covert them into PDF from OneNote. (It is a cloud based system and edit by one will sync to all. Since we have many subscribers, edit by all will lead to chaos as everyone would like to add his/her notes.)


Please satisfy yourself about the quality of our notes before subscribing. Spend some time and read few notes here.

If you have any queries than you can contact us at 09897588852 (whatsapp/telegram only) or clear your doubts in forum

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