Essay Review Program

Download our Essay notes in PDF format from here

We are starting an Essay Review Program. It will work as follows:

(1). You will have to send us an essay written by you. You can write an Essay on any topic. You can refer past year topics asked in UPSC (Given in above PDF) or any other topics from test series available in market. Essay should be written on an A4 sheet as you would do in exam. You can send us pics of your essay. It would be better if you send it in PDF format by merging these pics.

(2). We will review your essay and add detailed comments in the PDF sent by you. If you have sent pics, don’t worry, we will convert it into PDF. You can see one sample here (Download the file to read comments). Main focus of review would be your writing style and if there are any major issues in your essay.

(3). If requested by you, we will call you to discuss major issues in your essay. Again, major focus will be on improving your writing style rather than discussing factual content.

Fees would be:

(1). Rs 300 per Essay for IAS4Sure subscribers. Pay here.

(2). Rs 500 per Essay for non subscribers. Pay here.

You can also subscribe for our mains notes here.

After payment, you can send us your essays with your payment details to

Some of the essays that we reviewed are :

Benefits of subscribing

Please comment below :

- If you want us to cover some specific topic
- If you find some factual/conceptual mistake in our notes
- If you like our notes. That will encourage us to do more.
- If you don't like our notes, then let us know why. That will help us to rectify the issue.

  • Arpit Goel

    How much time will it take to review one essay?

  • sufi

    Sir I have sent you my essays for review on 5 th,but still no response .Weather u received it or not.please let me know..

    • @disqus_pQ24oZkL02:disqus We have received your essay on 6th. We acknowledged the email also. Since you sent us two essay we were trying to review both despite single payment. But, since you are getting impatient, we have now reviewed your first essay only. Please check your emails.

      All the Best.


  • @runner4life We have placed Essays asked in past years in above pdf. You can write essay on those topics if you want.

  • Aseem

    Hello,Can you please let me know that how many essays would you review, and for how long your guidance would be available?

    • @Aseem Its an open ended pay as you go program.